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WHY NIMBYs WIN: Part 5: Somebody is Funding your Opposition

Yes, that’s right: special interests, and sometimes your competitors, could be surreptitiously funding political and legal efforts to undermine your project. As galling as this may be to you it’s totally legal for a third party to secretly fund opposition to your project if it’s in the context of a public review process before a political body.

When NIMBYs link up with secret benefactors there are telltale signs to look out for in their political messaging and legal strategies. But one universal truth to third party interference is that they sit in the shadows for a reason: It’s embarrassing for their business reputations and political relationships.

There are methods and tactics to apply reverse pressure on groups hiding their true backers, and often once these groups feel the pressure of public exposure their resources dry up. We know how to identify and “out” secret opponents to take away your NIMBY adversaries’ most important strategic partner.

The NIMBY playbook is a tough one to overcome, but for all of the advantages they have over the political process, project builders can anticipate problems and build a strategy to win critical approvals in the face of staunch public opposition. But it does take a real commitment to engaging in the political process. Builders need to make political strategy and community relations a core component of their business model if they want to be successful in California.

Rubicon Strategies has decades of experience fighting in the arena of land use politics. We can help you overcome political challenges that threaten your growth by beating back the withering, unfair attacks from overly-empowered NIMBYs.

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